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neck strap Milano Vacchetta



extra soft flexible and thin, more then 100 parts of leather connected each other

can be used also like a wrist strap tied around your wrist so that is very flexible and soft


All hand made with the best tuscan Vacchetta leather, a neck strap with a beautiful pattern. A flexible and soft strap, just 15mm wide.

This vacchetta is a vegetable tanned leather, and  the most costly leather we have,it improves  with time and use, recalling unforgettable moments in our life. Also over years and use it will develop a beautiful patina.

This tuscan vacchetta come from the land of Renaissance,a land with a millennial heritage who come from a mixture of cultural traditions, master craftsmen,genius like Leonardo Da Vinci and Dante Alighieri. Everything is immersed in a landscape without time.

When we talk about vegetable tanned leather, we go back to a tradition that has origin in prehistoric times, when already this antioxidant substance (tannins) was extracted by plants (mostly chestnut, mimosa and quebracho) and used for tanning leather. The result is a compact but very flexible material with a good water resistance. Or simply...the best leather in the world.

Compatible with Leica cameras, and many others (Fuji, Sony, Olympus and panasonic, etc etc)

Lenght: 102cm , since the structure of this neckstrap, it's a little  bit shorter then other straps since it tend to be a little elastic and so to become2-3 cm longer with use (and so to reach a standard 105cm size)
wide: 1,5cm circa

2 rounds pads are included for protecting the  camera from any scratch of the ring.


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