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M-etropolis Bag

The Compact bag for Leica M system 

Our New M-eropolis bag is designed around  Leica M system, a street bag for  shooters or travellers, or just for urban "nomads".

The caractheristic of this  Bag is the very compact size but with a big inner space,a bag can that can Keep 1 Leica Body with lens attached  plus 1 or 2 lens (it depends on size of lens), and many accessories in the 3 zipped external pockets. 

The inner part of the bag like the  padded divider is made in extra soft goatskin suede leather.

Our goal is to create a unique photographic bag in leather (also the inner finishing), with style and caring of the details at the same level of Italian and French High Fashion brands.  
The structure (and stitching) of the bag is reinforced in the key points (like loops)  where the weight of a full camera bag can put pressure on the bag.

STRUCTURE OF OUR BAGS: it's a very hard work for make fitting in such compact bag so many things. How was possible? 
Simply: we dont use any traditional padded insert that "eat" 50% of the inner space of the bag, (that is used by all camera bag producers).
We put our protection between external leather and inner goatskin suede leather, in practice is incorporated in 
the main structure of the bag...not easy and expensive but result is a unique bag very compact outside and with top leather inside and outside.

Metal accessories are with a unique Ruthenium finishing (a rare and costly material) that give a beautiful dark finishing (darker than nikel but not as dark as black).

Zips is the best model in the  YKK line.

the access to the camera is also a system that we are very proud to present: a double zip tied by a string of leather that can be opened in few seconds. A metal magnet let also to leave the main opening 

of the bag opened and just kept attached to camera by the magnet (when you have the camera on your neck it will facilitate che change of lens or access to accessories.

Perfect for Leica M, Q, (i can carry even my Leica SL with a Voigtlander Nokton 35mm F1.4 ! ), Sony Mirrorless, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, and of course all rangefinder film cameras.

INNER SIZE in cm : 26 CM (L) X 11CM (W) X 12 CM (H)
in Inch:                     10 (LENGHT) X 4.5 (DEPTH) X 4,75 (HEIGHT)

EXTERIOR SIZE in cm : 28CM (L) X 12CM (W) X 13CM (H)
in Inch:                            11 (LENGHT) X 4,75 (DEPTH) X 5 (HEIGHT)

Perfect size for Leica M system, Leica Q and is even possible to put a SL if fitted with a small lens 

- Hand made in Italy
- Best Italian leather (tuscan).
- Inner finishing with soft and delicate goatskin suede  leather.
- Its all hand made, we need one day of work for complete this bag
- 2 capable zipped external pockets + 1 front zipped pocket 





M-etropolis Bag

499,00 € Add
Size and fitting of the camera: the bag is studied for guesting a Leica camera with the lens, with the lens of the camera fitting toward the botton of the bag.
The Leica + the lens must not be taller then 12cm  (my Leica M 240 with a Summilux 50mm is just 9cm). So as you can see it can fit almost all Leica Lens.
The second compartment can guest all leica lens, even the Leica Noctilux.
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